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A Broken Promise

Nineteen years ago today, I was 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Like most mornings, I was in the bed with terrible morning sickness. My husband knew that and tried to let me get as much rest as possible before I had to go to class, so when my phone rang at 8:50, I wondered what in the world could be so important that he’d call me that early from work. “Alicia, turn on the TV.” I did, and before I could even ask him what channel, I saw it for myself. It didn’t matter what channel. It was everywhere. One of the towers of the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane. A plane! What kind of terrible accident had happened? We were still on the phone, both silent, staring at our respective TVs in disbelief. It was chaos. Reporters couldn’t believe what they were seeing, either. A few minutes later, at 9:03, as I was still on the phone staring at my TV, I saw another plane. I distinctly remember thinking how odd it was to see a plane so close to the skyline after one had already accidentally crashed into a building.

That’s when it happened.

That second plane hit the other tower! The news anchor on the TV was as stunned as I was. My husband said, “Oh my God, Alicia, did you see that?” I did. I saw it. It was at that moment that my husband, the news anchor, myself, and the world knew – that was no accident. Someone had just declared war on the United States. It was at that exact moment that nothing would ever be the same for America.

The weeks and months following that historic day were like nothing I had ever seen. People were nice to everyone. They smiled, they held doors, they said please and thank you. They didn’t care what race you were or what political party with which you were aligned. It didn’t matter where you were – you would see American flags everywhere. For the first (and last) time in history, Americans were one. We were united.

What I would give to be one with my fellow citizens again. Why must it take an act of terror – pure hatred – for us to come together and see past race, gender, politics, and religion? We are better than this. I know it. I saw proof of it on September 12, 2001.

How quickly we’ve forgotten what we promised to never forget.

Surrounded by Sheep

I’m going to keep this short because I’m swamped with life right now, but I just have to get off my chest how terrifying it has become to be surrounded by sheep.  Exodus 23:2 says, “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong.”  Everywhere I turn, I see people blindly following the masses.

Historically, people exhibiting blind obedience has generally not bode well.  Look at the Holocaust, for example.  Hitler was a hero to his followers, largely because of his propaganda in winning over the masses through his self-proclaimed victories and accomplishments.

Does this tactic sound familiar to you?  It sure does to me.

Okay, that’s enough examples.  I think you get the point – Narcissism at its finest.

According to Barbara Kellerman, professor of Public Leadership at Harvard, there are several characteristics of a bad leader:

  • Incompetence
  • Rigidity
  • Uncontrolled, volatile behavior
  • Callousness toward others
  • Corruption
  • Insular behavior
  • Destructive actions intended to harm

Before I discuss these traits, I want to stop to tell you I am a Conservative.  Our POTUS is a Conservative, as well.  However, despite that fact, there is no reason I must support him and his words and actions.  In fact, I will not.  I can and will not support the ignorance and hate being spewed by our POTUS.  I will no longer sit in silence while he tears apart the greatest country in the world.  Differences in political decisions are one thing.  Differences in moral decisions are another.  Trump’s moral failures have overshadowed his political victories.  Our POTUS demonstrates a gross lack of morality and sound judgment.  That is what I cannot blindly support simply because I share the same political party.

The above characteristics of a bad leader are clearly demonstrated by Trump.  Let’s look at just a few examples of them in more depth.


Incompetence is defined as “not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully.”  Trump has displayed enough incompetence that there is now more inter-party opposition to him than there has been since World War II.  During a time when unity is crucial, the POTUS is severely polarizing the Republican party and, on a larger scale, the nation.  Nearly 15 employees of Trump’s administration have already either been fired or have quit, largely as a result of their refusal to blindly follow his orders.

Trump’s incompetency is further evident in his aides’ lack of confidence in his abilities to handle his role as POTUS.  It has been shared that his senior advisers worry about leaving him alone in meetings with world leaders because they’re afraid of what he might say.  Gee, you mean like calling them names or further alienating the U.S.?


Even if you argue that Trump is, in fact, competent to lead the free world, it is nearly impossible to argue that he is not rigid.  He is unwilling to adapt new ideas or even simply perceive a situation from another’s viewpoint.  Most people merely want to be heard.  They just want someone to listen to their concerns on social injustice, among other issues.  Instead, the POTUS is becoming quite the fascist dictator, consistently using threats and intimidation to get his way.  Rather than immediately dismissing those with whom he disagrees, perhaps he should listen to them first.  All effective leaders encourage open discussion and explore potential solutions to conflicts.  After all, we Americans do have the right to free speech and free press, correct?


Oh boy, where should we start here?  Trump’s entire election and presidency is riddled with examples of his lack of self-control.  One needs only to open the POTUS’s Twitter account to realize he’s coming unglued.  We are literally on the brink of war with a psycho-led country, but Trump is too busy bashing anyone and everyone who disagrees with him to take proper action in keeping our country safe.


Again, one needs only turn to Trump’s social media accounts to notice his rude, “unpresidential” attitude and behavior toward others.


Trump’s isolation is growing rapidly.  Former colleagues and, arguably, friends of the POTUS are increasingly denouncing their support for him.  For example, Tim Scott discussed how Trump’s moral authority was compromised when Trump discussed the “very fine” white supremacist Charlottesville protesters, saying both alt-left and white supremacists were to blame for the violence there.  Thankfully, unlike the mass of sheep who refuse to stand up for what is morally right, Scott insisted he could not “defend the indefensible.”  Similarly, James Murdoch, one of the POTUS’s close advisers, denounced Trump’s reaction to the protests, appalled he even had to write such an email.  He even had enough sense to state that “Democrats, Republicans, and others must all agree [that there are no good Nazis].”

Trump is isolating himself through his ignorance and inability to be quiet.  I am thankful for the few brave souls who have dared to stand up for their beliefs, rather than continue to follow an unethical and ignorant leader to imminent failure.

It bears repeating that I’m a conservative, but I have to draw the line somewhere!  I understand the importance of supporting our POTUS, but at what cost?  Isn’t our country – the greatest in the world – already filled with enough hate and oppression?  How could I possibly support the most powerful man in the world in spreading more vitriol and hatred through ignorant and disrespectful comments and put-downs?

One of the greatest things about being an American is having freedom.  I can voice my opinions without fear of retribution or punishment.  This is exactly what Eminem did last night, and for that, I applaud him.  He acted in a non-violent manner, through his form of artistic expression, to show that he will not be a sheep.  Does this mean neither of us loves America?  Absolutely not.  I love my country; however, it can no longer be denied that President Trump is toxic.  He is tearing our great country apart through hatred and division.  I will not allow myself to fall victim to his systematic plan to obtain power.  I will not deny the existence of racism and other forms of social injustice.  Rather, I will rise up and fight these injustices with love and unity.  I will fight for those things worth fighting for.  I would rather walk alone in the name of justice than be a sheep following the crowd to a life where injustice, corruption, and inequality are accepted.  Wake up, people.  Don’t be sheep.

“If a country has a fascist leader, this is a great horror for that country; but there is much greater horror: The existence of ignorant and unethical masses who support that primitive leader!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

An Open Letter to All You Douchebags

Dear Douchebags,

Yes, I had my first kid at the age of 19.  And yes, I had my second kid at 21.  Yes, I was only in college at the time.  So what??

You told me I was too young to have kids, that I knew nothing about how to raise children.  You also told me that I would never go anywhere in life, wouldn’t finish college, and would never be able to work at a decent job and take care of two children.  You said I would never go anywhere in life.

You called me “white trash” since I wasn’t married when I had my first kid and told me I would end up as a single mom because my “baby’s daddy” would leave me – if I even knew who he was.  When I had my second baby, you asked me if he had the same dad as the first.

You said I’d end up living with my parents forever and would never be able to afford a place of my own.  You assumed that I was on welfare and food stamps and that I had to get my babies vaccinated at the local, trashy health clinic.  You asked if I was finally on good birth control and talked about how surprised I must have been when I found out that I was pregnant so young.

You said my future would be ruined if I didn’t get an abortion – that there was no way I could give my babies good, successful lives.  You said I would fail school or have to quit because I would never be able to study, maintain good grades, or be able to pay for daycare with two young children on my hands.

You told me how terrible my kids would have it growing up since they were biracial.  You said it was my fault that people would call them names and bully them because of their race.  You called me an “n*****-lover” and said it wasn’t fair to my kids that they didn’t have two parents who were the same race.

You know what?  I finally have something to say about all those things you told me.  THEY WERE LIES. 

I was a damn good mom to my babies, and I figured it out pretty quickly.  I knew how to change diapers and rock my babies to sleep and get them bathed and dressed.

I went to school full-time and worked full-time and still got to wake my boys up in the morning, get them off to daycare, and rock them to sleep at night.

I graduated with honors and even started grad school.  I’ve worked hard at jobs that continuously got better.  I make a decent living now.  I was able to pay for a place to live, a car, my bills, and childcare.

I moved out of my parents’ house the day after high school graduation, before I even had kids, and haven’t lived with them since.  I married my sons’ father, and we stayed married for nearly ten years.  My kids both had the same dad.

My kids had a real doctor at a real pediatrician’s office, and I paid for their medical bills with real insurance.  I also paid for our groceries and utilities with real money.

Abortion was never an issue or option for us.  Our kids weren’t mistakes.  Our lives weren’t ruined.  Believe it or not, some people like having kids early on in life.  One day, I’ll be able to enjoy playing with my grandchildren.  Hopefully, I’ll make it to see the day my sons graduate from college, get married, and have little blessings of their own.

You may call me all sorts of names, but I’m proud to not be a closed-minded, racist idiot like you.  I think my babies are beautiful, and I wouldn’t change a thing about them.  It’s quite ironic to me that you spend countless hours and dollars to make your skin look exactly the same as theirs.  And your hair?  Don’t get me started.  You could only wish to have curls like theirs.

I didn’t fail or have to quit school, and my kids sure as hell haven’t suffered for that.  In fact, they’ve turned out to be quite remarkable, intelligent young men.  They’re amazingly talented and extremely smart.  They get good grades, excel in their grade levels, and can play nearly any sport they attempt.

They have dreams of which college they’ll attend and which sports they’ll receive scholarships in, and they have high standards for themselves.  Both have admirable career goals and will, no doubt, succeed in everything they put their minds to.  They both love God and are growing up to be Godly, respectful men, who will love their own wives and children one day.

So, no, I don’t have any regrets, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Having my sons was the best decision I’ve ever made, regardless of my age.  Now stop worrying about me, take a nice long look at yourself, and move on.

All my love,


My College Graduation - December 13, 2003

My College Graduation – December 13, 2003

Daily Prompt: A House Divided

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.). Photographers, artists, poets: show us DIVIDED.

Source: RaceBridges for School

Source: RaceBridges for School

Once again, Eugene and I have had a little debate on a current issue.  And once again, we want you guys to be the judge.

Here’s the issue, in a nutshell.  You can read the entire articles here or here.

A student at Georgia State University started a White Student Union.  Six students have complained about the formation of this club, and the school says that it’s not an official group, as in order to become one, a staff member is needed as an advisor.  The Vice President of Student Affairs says he doubts the group could find one.  In other words, the University is not recognizing the group, so to speak.


I completely, 100% agree with the University’s decision to not formally recognize the White Student Union.  Why?

For starters, while Georgia State University is divided nearly equally between black students and white students, we all know that the majority of racist issues in our country target blacks.

For example, if an employer receives a resume from someone by the name of “Catherine,” he is far more likely to hire her over the other resume he received from “Shaniqua,” who everyone automatically assumes is black and uneducated.  Who’s to say, however, that Shaniqua is not just as intelligent as Catherine?  It’s not her fault that her mother chose a terrible name for her.  Don’t even try it… We all know Catherine is more likely to get hired based solely upon her name.

The student who founded the club (Patrick Sharp) has been quoted as saying, “If we are already minorities on campus and are soon to be minorities in this country why wouldn’t we have the right to advocate for ourselves and have a club just like every other minority?”

Here’s why: First of all, whites are not the minority at GSU.  In fact, there are three percent more white students there than there are black students.  Even if it was a primarily black school, students should know that going in their first semester.  There is a certain level of acceptance and understanding when a white person agrees to attend a school that is primarily a minority school.  In that acceptance, one loses the right to make race an issue.

Also, what exactly needs to be advocated by these white students?  You know as well as I do, that white people in this country are treated significantly better than black people.  History also proves this as truth.  If you haven’t been wronged, then what is the need for advocating oneself?

Mr. Sharp has also posed the question as to why, when a white person says he is proud to be white, is his statement considered racist.  Because all white people are proud to be white, duh.  How many white people are out there wishing they were black?  I have never seen someone wish to be treated unfairly, and again, we all know that that’s the reality of our society.

White people are already generally treated better and not stereotyped nearly as often, or as negatively, as blacks and other minorities, so what exactly do we need to advocate?

My children are only half black, yet they’ve already been mistreated and shunned in their few years of life.  That’s how we do it here.  Sure, there’s the whole reverse racism issue, and while it exists, it’s far less common than the usual anti-black racism.

The flier for the White Student Union states, “Every Panther here at GSU comes from a unique heritage.  The White Student Union intends to give white students a place to unite and celebrate their own.”

I’m sorry, but last time I checked, black people had no choice but to unite, as they were shunned, rejected, and treated unjustly.  Yes, we all come from a unique heritage, so why not celebrate that heritage?  There is a difference between heritage and race.  Celebrate the fact that you’re Irish or Italian.  Not that you’re white.  Being white is, in itself, enough of a celebration.  Celebrate your culture instead of your race.

I know – Some of you are asking, “Well why is it okay for black students to have Black Student Unions?”  It’s okay because black history encompasses a huge history of black culture, as well.  While we white folks were doing whatever we wanted, black people were stuck in a hell of segregation.  And yes, some still are.

Have you seen the story from a couple months ago wherein that high school in Georgia held a segregated prom?  In 2013?!  White people don’t have to deal with that ignorant bullcrap.  That’s why we don’t need to ban together as whites to celebrate.  Sadly, blacks do.

The National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study and found that for every ten resumes white people sent before getting a callback, blacks had to send fifteen.  This difference was based solely on the applicants’ names, as I mentioned earlier.  Discrimination and racism are real, people.  Why don’t “we,” as whites who wish to ban together for a good reason, ban together to stand up against racism, instead of as a means to celebrate our whiteness?

In short, I agree wholeheartedly with GSU’s decision to not formally recognize the White Students Union on its campus.


I should preface this for those who cannot understand the debate exercise:  I am not a racist.  I believe in equality for all.  I’m more of a Darwinist when it comes to this issue.  I believe in the best candidate gets the job.  I could care less if names are put on resumes.  Let me see your body of work, genetics be damned.

I don’t necessarily believe in the underlying concept of affirmative action.  In most cases, it has proven to be a means for reverse discrimination.  The cure for all this?  Give every applicant a number – NOT A NAME – then the number gets hired or accepted to a university.  Fair shake for all!

In some instances affirmative action can be the cause for lower production or output.  For example, if you are a manager of a company and you were told by your boss to increase the number of units sold or you’d be fired, and you can hire one person to work under you, what would you do?  Wouldn’t you rather hire the best qualified person – NO MATTER THE RACE?  I would.  I want the best sales person out there to help save my job.  If you are a white person, thank you.  If you are a black person, thank you.  If you are Puerto Rican, gracias.  Point is, folks stir the pot and CREATE avenues for race to be and remain a divisive issue in this country.  Boil it down to numbers and leave names, race, etc. out of the process, and no one can say that was the decisive mistake.

The idea you celebrate your heritage and not your color seems to be a one-sided and hypocritical argument.  I can celebrate that I’m Irish?  Wouldn’t that be the same thing?  By starting a group of only fellow Irishmen, wouldn’t we be discriminating from the Canadians or South African who may be interested in joining?  If I started a group of Christians and said only fellow Christians are allowed and not Jews…well we see what happened there in the 1930 during Adolph’s reign of terror.

To be a united society that says it wants to tear down the walls, we have to take the ALL down or not make it right for some to have them and not others.  My debate partner and I have children.  She knows all too well what happens when we allow one child a special privilege and not one of the others.  Within 10 minutes, those two are fighting.  Why?  Because one is angry that he has been treated unfairly and has decided to take it out on the other who he feels got an extra benefit.

As for the kid creating this union.  SO WHAT?  Let’s not be hypocritical.  And again, let’s remind those folks that claim racism is an unequal and unfair treatment of others that by disallowing certain rights to individuals based upon their color, origin, or ethnicity is considered racism.  Under the same umbrella, why is it fair to have a Ms. Black America beauty pageant?  Why is it fair to have colleges and athletic leagues dedicated to one race?  Many folks, myself included, would be outraged if the University of Mississippi reverted back to Ross Barnett days and said they were a “Whites Only” school.  In the 1960’s,  America passed what is known as the Civil Rights Act. This bill gave equal and fair treatment to all citizens of the United States.  It specifically said no one can be discriminated against or denied any of the rights afforded to them by the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution.

Instead of throwing fuel on the fire, maybe this Georgia school could have encouraged the Student Union with the condition that it send counsel to a possible Black Student Union and have them work together.  That plan won’t sell as many papers, and I doubt we’d see Al Sharpton raising a protest mob, because in the end, talking about the elephant in the room and feeding it a peanut and leading it out the door just doesn’t increase ratings and race related war room chests of money.

Fair is equal for all.  Miss Black America = Miss White America.  Or just have one damn pageant.  If a university is private, it can do as it pleases.  If it is public, and therefore supported by tax dollars – what is fair for one should be fair for all.

Food for thought?  What if students started a Hispanic Student Union?  Or we had a Hispanic-American pageant.  For the record, the Hispanic population will be the majority before the century closes.

Okay fellow bloggers?  What do you think?  His View or Her View???

“Racism is so universal in this country, so widespread, and deep-seated, that it is invisible because it is so normal.” ~Shirley Chisholm

Source: hayspost.com

Source: hayspost.com

Before I start with my “ignorant quote of the weekend” story, I want to take a second to thank all the men and women who have died bravely serving our Country.  Also, thank you to those who are currently fighting for the freedoms that we take advantage of daily.  It is thanks to YOU that we can even write these blogs and share our honest feelings.  And it is thanks to YOU that I could spend my weekend lying on a beach, enjoying the perfect weather, while you spent yours in a desert hell, never knowing whether you’ll be safe the next second and counting down the days until you can be back home with your families and friends.  THANK YOU.  We owe you our lives and our freedoms.

Okay, so now to my unbelievable weekend story…

Father Figure, the kids, and I went to the beach yesterday to enjoy our perfect, 80-degree weather here in beautiful Charleston.

At this particular beach, you can’t have dogs on the beach from 10 to 6.  While I love dogs, I think that this was probably a good idea yesterday because it was packed.  Everyone was enjoying their last day of the long weekend, and there was hardly an empty spot on the beach from all the people.  It would have been miserably full if everyone had their dogs out there, too.  So a cop came up to a couple who was on the beach right in front of us and told them that they needed to come back without their dog or could come back with her after 6.

I admit that I did feel kind of bad for them because they had just gotten all of their stuff unpacked and settled on the beach, their kids had just gotten in the water, and their big old fat dog was adorable.  She was just lying there, enjoying the sand and the sun, and she looked like a big baby.  She wasn’t running around or barking like crazy; she was the perfect dog.

After they were told they couldn’t have Luna (the dog) on the beach with them, they started packing up.  Paw went to get the kids out of the water, and Maw was trying to pack everything up with one hand while holding Luna’s leash with the other.  Like a sweet southern belle, I got my lazy butt out of my beach chair and offered to help Maw by holding Luna while she finished packing up their towels, toys, and cooler.

She thanked me and then proceeded to tell me that she was from somewhere in North Carolina and that they didn’t want to leave Luna at their hotel all day.  She said that it really sucked that they had to leave because the day before, they had gone to a different beach in the area where dogs are allowed at any time of day, but that they didn’t like it there because of the “type of people” who were there.

I assumed that “type of people” meant maybe rich and snobby since we live in a pretty affluent area, and these folks sounded pretty country.  I also assumed that maybe someone hassled them about their dog since Luna was pretty big and wasn’t a small frou-frou lapdog.

Anyway, I stayed and chatted with Maw while she finished packing up, and then her boyfriend came back from the water with the kids.  Paw introduced himself, grumbled about them having to leave, and then he told me his version of why he hated the other beach that they visited the day before.

And when he did… I finally started to understand who the “other type of people” referred to.

Here’s what he said [read with your best country/redneck accent]:

“Yeah, we went up to that other beach over yonder yesterday, and the whole damn beach was full a’ those watermelons.”

Huh???  What did that mean?  Why was the beach full of watermelons?  The Watermelon Festival isn’t this weekend, and it’s not at the beach, is it?  Why wouldn’t people throw their rinds in the trash?  Why would they even bring watermelon to the beach?  Doesn’t it get all sandy and make a sticky mess?

Then, Maw cut in and cleared it up for me a little [again, read with your best country/redneck accent]:

“Yeah, those damn watermelons and pit bulls… The whole beach was full of ‘em.”

What?!  The beach was full of watermelons and pit bulls?  How strange.  I don’t see many pit bulls on the beach when I go, and there certainly isn’t trash all over the beach.  How strange…

Paw made another comment that I think was supposed to be funny because he laughed his best redneck beer-belly laugh, and suddenly a light went off…

They weren’t really talking about watermelons and pit bulls.  That was their best euphemism for black people!!!  And isn’t a euphemism supposed to be used instead of something that can be found offensive?

At this point, I couldn’t even believe what I had just listened to.

Source: Newd Magazine

Source: Newd Magazine

These morons were racist!  And they didn’t want to go to the other beach because … wait for it … black people were there!  They said that they would just waste the rest of their vacation hanging out at the hotel’s pool so that they didn’t have to go back to the other beach.  Are you kidding me?!  Clearly these rednecks from the hills of North Carolina had the smallest pea brains in existence.  Father Figure and I just stared at each other in unbelief!

They finished packing and left with their kids and their poor, albeit adorable dog.  As I sat there thinking about this whole conversation after they left, I felt more and more sorry for their poor kids.  They were still young, and it was sad to think that they, too, would probably grow up to be racist idiots just like their parents.

Source: Relativity Online

Source: Relativity Online

I wish that in the middle of their conversation on why they hated the other beach (you know, the one full of watermelons and pit bulls), that my two biracial kids would have walked up and said, “Hey Mom, look at the shell I found!” or something to that effect.  I imagine the looks on Maw and Paw’s faces would have been priceless.

Source: Kefi.co

Source: Kefi.co

It makes me sad to think that this is 2013 and racism and hatred still exist.  You may remember my previous post about racism.  It’s an ever-growing problem.  Unfortunately, it’s not just an issue with race, either.  We see so many stories in the news now about poor kids killing themselves because they’re being picked on and bullied about ridiculous things.  This is NOT okay!!! 

We need to teach our children tolerance and love.  We also need to teach them to stand up for these poor people who are picked on and hated on.  Only our kids can change the future.  As F.D.R. said, “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.”  The place to start is with love and acceptance.  No, we don’t have to agree with everyone’s choices in our increasingly liberal America, but we do have to at least tolerate them.  Set the example.  End racism through unity.  Don’t ignore it – STOP IT!

Source: KULfoto

Source: KULfoto



“Yeah, I love being famous. It’s almost like being white, y’know?” ~Chris Rock

So, at this point you’ve all seen enough pictures of my kids to know they’re biracial.  And beautiful.  I don’t like to brag, but I do have two of the most beautiful boys on the planet.  I’m just sayin’…

 Something you may not yet know about me from reading my blog, though, is that I don’t see color.  (Well, other than the fact that white boys just cannot dance, of course…)  I honestly just don’t notice it.  I hate love all people.

Source: imgfave.com

Source: imgfave.com

So when someone makes a comment that can be construed as quasi-racist, it always surprises me and catches me off guard.  (Minus the dancing observation, of course…)  A few Fridays ago, two of my favorite girlfriends and I went to happy hour after work.  [Side note: One of those girls has an amazing blog that you should totally check out here.]  We were having a blast just unwinding from a hellacious week at work and had no worries at the moment.  That’s when I run into another friend there who wants to introduce me to the dude he was there with:

Other Friend:  “Alicia, this is so-and-so.  So-and-So, this is Alicia.”

Other Friend’s Friend:  “Nice to meet you, Alicia.  Do you have any kids?”

Me:  “Nice to meet you too, So-and-So. Yes, I have two boys.  What about you?”

Other Friend’s Friend:  “Oh, that’s neat – I have two girls!”

Me:  “Cool!  Here’s a picture of my boys.”

Other Friend’s Friend:  “Oh… Wow.”

Me:  “Wow what?” [Thinking it’s because I look much too young to have children that old.]

Other Friend’s Friend:  “Uh, they’re black!”

Me:  “What?!  Did you really just say that?!  Did that seriously just come out of your mouth?!”

Other Friend’s Friend:  “Um, no, uh, that’s not what I meant.  Uh…um…”

Me:  “No need to explain.” [Turning to Other Friend…] “Dude, your friend is a son-of-a-!@#$%, and you really need to make some new friends.”

Wonderful end to that conversation.  And it was at that moment that I remembered why it was that I went out with my girlfriends in the first place: Because I don’t like anyone else.

Do people STILL really think like So-and-So does?!  Helloooo!!!  It’s 2013!!!  I forgot when I chose to have children that they may actually have to deal with jackasses growing up who still haven’t figured out that we all bleed the same color.  And it breaks my heart for them.  They’re so innocent, and yet they have to deal with people obviously so insecure with themselves that they take it out on others.

In fact, when Gerald’s best friend’s mom heard about Gerald from her son for the first time, she actually said, “Oh, his name is Gerald?  Well that’s not a black name…”  Are you kidding me?!  So I didn’t name my kids Bon Qui Qui AND they’re well-spoken and well-mannered… Whaaaat?!  It’s really very sad that when they go to college, it’ll benefit them to be “black” and when they submit their resumes, it’ll benefit them to be “white.”  Is this really the world we live in in the 21st century?  I’m afraid so.  [Shake my head…]

Source: lunapic_135698468820535_2

Source: lunapic_135698468820535_2

My challenge for you today if you have this secret problem:  Go talk to someone who’s different than you.  Start a conversation with him.  Shoot, hug him even.  You might be surprised and realize you’re actually very similar.  Hmm, imagine that…

Source: epicdemotivational.com

Source: epicdemotivational.com

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