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Guns Do Kill People

As the mom of a college student, I simply cannot fathom what happened in California last night.

A sweet 18-year-old boy recently asked me, “Miss Alicia, would you be mad if Gerald went to a party?” My response was, “No way. He’s in college. I hope he’s going to parties and loving college life that way I didn’t.” (And for those of you judgy types, no, I don’t mean living with his head in the toilet getting wasted. I mean going out and meeting new people and experiencing new things.)

No college student (or anyone else for that matter) should EVER have to live in fear of making the most of their life experiences. They should be able to dance in the club without a care in the world or have a blind date at their local bar. They should be able to worship freely and go to school to learn and catch up with their friends.

This senseless violence is sickening and heartbreaking. It has to stop. No, we cannot change peoples’ hearts. Only Jesus can do that. However, we can do everything in our power to make it more difficult for these sick people to carry out their disgusting acts of hatred. I truly pray our lawmakers will reflect on every single face of every single victim of gun violence as they are tempted by money and lobbyists this next two years.

This violence has to stop. Something has to change. Reforming gun control is a good start. If it doesn’t work, we will need to try something new. But we have to start somewhere. This seems like the obvious starting point.


Source: Physicians News Network

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