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I’m a Lefty, So That Makes Me Smarter Than You

Today is International Left-Handers Day!  And I’m a lefty, so I’m going to celebrate with a few beers tonight.  In honor of the special occasion (and since we lefties are often left out and forgotten in most design plans and products), I leave you with these awesome statistics and, as always, great pictures!

– 15 percent of people are left-handed.

– Males are twice as likely to be left-handed than females.

– Left-handers are more likely to be geniuses. (That explains a lot.) 

– Left-handers are 20 percent more likely to be rich. (Okay, so I don’t fall into that category…)

– Lefties are more likely to become alcoholics. (Did I say beer?  What I had meant to say was…)

– Two righties only have a 2 percent chance of having a lefty baby. (Both my parents are righties.)

– Left-handers are naturally better at video games because they can better handle large amounts of stimuli.

– Lefties reach puberty 4 to 5 months after righties. (So that’s why I had no boobies growing up…)

– The world is made for right-handers – look at spiral notebooks, binders, school desks, scissors, computer mouses, etc.

This is so accurate! Source: LolRiot!

This is so accurate!
Source: LolRiot!

This is not quite so accurate... Source: funnyjunk

This is not quite so accurate…
Source: funnyjunk

Yep. Source: Zazzle

Source: Zazzle

True... Source: Anything Left Handed

Source: Anything Left Handed

Where were THESE when I was in school?! Source: http://dict.space.4goo.net

Where were THESE when I was in school?!
Source: http://dict.space.4goo.net

I need one of these for Christmas... Source: LOLs Heaven

I need one of these for Christmas…
Source: LOLs Heaven

Ooh, I need to try one of these! Source: http://tessarickart.wordpress.com

Ooh, I need to try one of these!
Source: http://tessarickart.wordpress.com

Yeah, definitely a perk. Source: Tumblr

Yeah, definitely a perk.
Source: Tumblr

To all of my fellow lefties, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL LEFT-HANDERS DAY!!!


“My new house is going to have wall-to-wall awards!” ~Patsy Cline

I was shocked yesterday to learn that I’ve been nominated by The Girl Who Blogs for, you guessed it… another award!!!  I mean, I know I’m awesome, but most other people aren’t as aware of that as I!  I’m just kidding…

Kaela (one of my very favorite blogger-chicks) chose me as one of the recipients of the Bouquet of Three Award!

Here are the rules:

1. Proudly display the Award Certificate on your blog page!

2. Announce your win with a post.  Be sure to link your post back to me as a “thank you” for the nomination.

3. Present up to 15 awards to fellow deserving bloggers.

4. Let them know you’ve nominated them for this awesome award.

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Here are my Bouquet of Three Award nominees:

Cowboys and Crossbones – Her stories about her pussy, Ted, have me laughing so hard it hurts!

This Typing Makes Me Look Busy…. – She writes about everything from funny, drunken mishaps to her love of dance!

missandmisters – I love her stories about her beautiful boys, and the poo one took the cake!!  Check it out – It’s hilarious!

draliman on life – Drali is an amazingly funny blogger, and his DraliDoodles are awesome!

One man and his Mustang – Guys!  He knows the difference between a 1964, 1964 ½, and 1965 Mustangs!!!  That makes him my hero!

The Tousled Apostle – She is an English nerd (like me!), a proud Christian (like me!), a writer (like me!), and a musician (crap – not like me!)  In other words, she’s incredibly talented!

And now for the 7 interesting things about myself:   

1. My birthday is 7/11 – like the convenience store that sells the Slurpees.

Source: ChicagoNow

Source: ChicagoNow

2. My maiden name is Terwilliger – like Sideshow Bob’s on The Simpsons.

Source: deviantART

Source: deviantART

3. I’m originally from Middletown, New York.  Nope – that’s not upstate, and it’s not in the City.  (See where that red star is?)  There are actually other places to NY.

4. My favorite animal is a panda.  Nope, that’s not from the bear family, but actually the raccoon family. 

Source: USA-UK Online

Source: USA-UK Online

5. I’m left-handed.  That makes me a creative high achiever.

Source: Leftorium

Source: Leftorium

6. My favorite number is 17.  Apparently this makes me intense, difficult to live with, hardworking, and compassionate.  Since my first initial is A, I may become very wealthy.  (Damn, I wish this stuff was true…)  Check out the “meaning” of your favorite number here.

Source: Clker.com

Source: Clker.com

7. Both of my babies are February babies.

Thank you again, Kaela!!!  I’m honored!

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