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“It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.” ~Dave Barry

Source: lovebuildsthishappyhome.blogspot.com

Source: lovebuildsthishappyhome.blogspot.com

Today’s Be Happy Challenge:

– 4. Something/Someone That Makes You Happy. –

As you all know, my family makes me the most happy.  And I mean, come on… What’s not to love about these faces?!

But I didn’t want to write the usual “my family makes me happy” cliché.  I mean, they do make me want to rip my hair out happy, but they should, right??  And you hear about them in my posts all the time anyway.

So… I moved on to the next thing that makes me happy.  Very happy.  And that is….


I mean, sure, coffee in general makes me happy, but Hazelnut Frappuccinos make me ecstatic!!!  I have to force myself not to make a pit-stop every morning to get one, or I’ll turn into a 500-pound turkey leg like someone else I know.

This drink is coffee blended with toffee nut syrup, milk, and ice, and it’s topped with hazelnut drizzle.  Sounds incredible, right?!

Here’s the description of this amazing concoction from the Starbucks website itself:

When toasty-sweet hazelnut meets frosty-cold goodness, what do you get?  We like to think of it as one of those wonderful clashes between opposites that produces beautiful results.  The same way a hot afternoon can give way to a soaking thunderstorm.  Afterward: rainbows.

Rainbows??  Yes – rainbows!  I see rainbows after every sweet sip of this deliciousness!  And this is how I feel after each one:

Yep – that’s right… it’s orgasmic!  Pure and simple.  Every sip brings me absolute elation.  I have to hold myself back from drinking the whole thing immediately and take small sips, instead, so that I can savor the amazingness of it.  Every one that I drink fills some deep, empty hole inside of me…

Well, I think you get the point.  Hazelnut Frappuccinos make me happy!  If you’ve never had one, do yourself a favor.  Get one – NOW – so you can see rainbows, too!!!

“That money talks, I’ll not deny, I heard it once: it said, ‘Goodbye’” ~Richard Armour

What would you do with $7,500? Probably something pretty stinkin’ cool, right? Take a vacation, maybe? Buy a new car? Well guess what I did with $7,500 today? Yep, I said ‘today’… I spent that much in one day. And it wasn’t on a car or a vacation. It was on braces. BOTH the boys needed braces at the same time – lucky me. I know that in a year-and-a-half, their perfect teeth will be worth the small fortune it cost to make them that way. But for now, I need to not think about the numerous other things that $7,500 could be spent on. Like what, you want to know? Well, let’s see… $7,500 could buy:

– 11 55” LED HD TVs
– 15 round-trip plane tickets from Charleston, SC to St. Croix, USVI
– 37.5 Xbox 360s
– 62 24” bicycles
– 83 pairs of Nike Free Run sneakers
– 833 movie tickets
– 937 months of unlimited movies on Netflix
– 1,875 Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucchinos from Starbucks
– 5,000 bottles of 20 oz. Coke
– 30,000 packs of Juicy Fruit

Or… $7,500 could buy 2 kids braces. I chose to go with that option. Please remind me that my kids having amazingly perfect teeth someday will make me happier than any trip to St. Croix or 1,875 Starbucks Frappucchinos. Mmm… Starbucks. Oh wait. I’m getting sidetracked. Yes, these braces will make us all happy, and they’re the best thing I could have spent $7,500 on. Right? [Confirmation, please.]


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