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“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” ~Alice Walker

Source: lovebuildsthishappyhome.blogspot.com

Source: lovebuildsthishappyhome.blogspot.com

Today’s Be Happy Challenge:

– Your Favorite Color With a Photo Showing It. –

My favorite color is purple.  And one of my favorite books is The Color Purple.  Funny, right??  Okay, maybe not funny.  But seriously, my favorite color is purple.

As you can see, my laptop is purple.  I love my purple laptop.  All I asked for for Christmas a few years ago was Walmart gift cards so I could put them all together, with my measly savings, and buy my purple laptop.  I had never been more excited to hit the “Checkout” button!

I love purple flowers.  Father Figure sent me purple flowers once, and I didn’t even have to ask.  Hmm…

The actual purple flowers I got without even asking for them!

The actual purple flowers I got without even asking for them!

I love purple paint.  I remember years ago (when Father Figure and I first moved in together) trying to convince him to let me paint our bedroom walls purple.  Not an obnoxious purple, but just a pretty light purple.  Um, yeah… He wasn’t having that.  We went with blue instead.  Hmphh.

I love purple grapes.  And I don’t like green grapes.

I love Barney, and Barney is purple.  Yes, that’s right.  I said I love Barney.  Don’t judge me.  I remember baby-sitting my cousins back in the day, and they loved Barney, so we had to watch it over and over every day.  Sally the Camel had FIVE humps…  The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah… How can you not love these songs?!

I love purple sunsets.

I love purple skies during lightning storms.

I love purple jewels.  Amethysts are one of the prettiest birthstones out of all of them.  My sister got the February birthday, though, so she got all the pretty purple jewelry.  :/

I love purple jelly.  In fact, grape is the only kind of jelly I like at all.  But yuck… hold the peanut butter, please.

I love my fuzzy purple blanket that my mom bought me recently.  It’s the softest blanket I’ve ever felt.

I pretty much love all things purple.  There’s only one exception:  The Clemsux Clemson Tiggers Tigers.  That purple, mixed with orange (the worst color on the planet) is just plain nauseating.  It’s gross.  It’s disgusting.  It’s just wrong.  Whoever mixed the prettiest color in the world with orange, to represent the worst team on the planet was a moron.  [Go Gamecocks.]

Source: Rosco Spectrum

Source: Rosco Spectrum

What’s your favorite color?

On Flowers

Source: RaceBridges for School

Source: RaceBridges for School

So Eugene and I, both being perfectionists who hate to be wrong, often have little “debates” on certain issues.  We usually chalk up our differences in opinions on these issues to simple male vs. female differences, but we’ve decided to let you guys be the judge.  When these issues come up, we’re going to post them in the new “He Said, She Said” section of our blogs.  We look forward to hearing your opinions on how SHE is always usually sometimes right. 🙂

Our first difference in opinions revolves around flowers.


Flowers are nice and pretty and smell good.  They remind me of my lady.  All girls are supposed to like flowers.  On rare occasions, I just get flowers for her.  Lately, I have been asking, “Hey, would you like me to get you some flowers?”  Or, “Hey would you like for me to pick that flower over there for you?”  These two requests are scoffed at, and I have been told that if I ask, the answer is always NO.  In short, I shouldn’t have to ask, AND I shouldn’t ask.  My internal dilemma with this logic is:

1. If you like flowers, why does it matter if you get asked.

2. How does my asking WHAT YOU WANT take the “special” out of doing it?

3. If the idea of getting flowers for you means, “I’m thinking of you,” then how does that differ from the obvious logic that I’m thinking of you; therefore, I posed the question directly to you about something I’d get for you, yet took to time and consideration to ask if that’s what you even wanted in the first place?

You can say ALL GIRLS WANT FLOWERS, and I should just do it.  OK???  All women like to eat, but that doesn’t mean they want a steak for dinner tonight.  Maybe they want seafood, or a salad, or Italian, or French food.

How does asking what you want, then giving you what you want based upon your answer, the wrong way to go about this?


Lately, Eugene has been asking me if I want him to get me flowers.  I’ve told him that my answer to that question every time will be, “No.”  So then he says, “But I thought you like getting flowers sometimes?”  My response is always the same: “I do like getting flowers.  Every girl likes getting flowers.  But the point of getting flowers is to be surprised – to get them for no reason, just to be reminded that we’re thought of and loved.”

If I have to ask to be given flowers or tell you that, yes, I want some, it defeats the purpose of receiving something nice for no reason.  I shouldn’t have to tell you to do something nice for me.

Regarding his argument about women liking to eat, but not necessarily wanting steak:  First of all, yes, I’ll always want steak.  And a giant baked potato loaded in butter and bacon bits.  Wait, that’s beside the point, though.  Yes, we can choose what we’d like to eat, but does that mean that you can never surprise us with a dinner date?  Of course not.

Why do you have to surprise us by taking us to a specialty restaurant?  Why not a nice place that has a wide variety of menu items so that we can still choose from many things?  Not every dinner date is going to be some romantic surprise, so can’t we save the Italian or French restaurant for a date that we both plan together?

We, as women, already do most of the planning and things like that in our families anyway.  Why do we have to plan the times that you guys are actually sweet?  I shouldn’t have to tell you to get me flowers or even that I’d like some.  It’s a unwritten, standing rule that all women like to be surprised with flowers or a card (or anything sweet, for that matter) every once in a while.  To know that you’re thinking of us for no reason means far more than receiving any gift.  Surprise us for once.  You might be surprised yourself when you see the fruits of that harvest.

Okay peeps?  What do you think?  His View or Her View???

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