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What Did You Just Say???

Kids say the darndest things, right?  Well where do they get those darndest things from?

TV?  Sure.

Friends?  Definitely.

Adults who are supposed to be role models?  Wait, what??

This is exactly where my kids have heard some of my most-hated words… from adults who are supposed to be role models in their lives.

Regardless of where they hear some of the words I just can’t stand, the fact remains that they are bound to hear them from someone at some time, right?  That doesn’t mean that I have to like it, though.

Here’s a list of some of those words that just make my skin crawl:

1. Titties

Ugh, I hate that word.  And I also think that no child should ever utter it.  So where have my kids heard this word so many times that they now think it’s acceptable to use?  From one of their sperm donor’s relatives.  And no, this relative is not a man, believe it or not.  SHE is a SHE.  And she always refers to what I affectionately call boobies as titties.  Does that word not gross you out as much as it does me?  I don’t know what exactly bothers me about it, but I just hate it, and it’s now considered a curse word in our house.

2. Piss

Why on earth can’t people just call it pee?  While my boys don’t say this word because it, too, is considered a bad word, they have heard it many times by a supposed role model.  Who, you ask?  One of their football coaches, of all people.  We were recently at practice, and the coach told the team to “Hurry up and get this play off.  [So-and-so] has to piss.”  Are you serious right now?  These boys were 10 and 11 years old.  Why is that word acceptable for them to hear?  I was immediately grossed out and, not to mention, a little embarrassed that they were subjected to that word.

3. Gayeee

Unfortunately, this word is heard by kids on a pretty consistent basis by their peers.  And no, they don’t mean it in any way whatsoever that relates to a person’s sexuality.  Instead, they use it to refer to something “stupid,” if you will.  I know they don’t mean any ill-will by it, but I still can’t stand it.  Thanks, Señor Chang.  Thanks a lot.

4. Shut the F…ront Door!

Sadly, my boys don’t only hear this crap.  Ronald says this crap.  All.  The.  Time.  It drives me crazy.  He heard it from a family friend who says it on a pretty regular basis, thinking he’s funny.  He’s not.

5. Mixed Breed

What?!  Did you really just list that, Alicia?  Why, yes.  Yes, I did.  It actually wasn’t that long ago that one of my kids actually heard these words come out of someone’s mouth.  We were at Gerald’s basketball try-outs, and the mom of one of the other kids trying out actually said to me (after she realized which boy was mine), “Oh, you know, I’ve always said those people who’ve mixed breeds have the prettiest kids.”

WTF, lady – Are you kidding me?!  Guys, seriously, I couldn’t even believe she had just let that crap come out of her mouth.  Not to mention, my other kid was sitting right beside me when she did.  In fact, that’s the only reason I felt the need to restrain myself from going postal on her.  [Sigh…Some people…      

6. Douchebag

Who under the sun would say this word in front of her children and lead them to believe this is acceptable to say?  Okay, never mind.  That “role model” would be me, and yes – I admit – I’ve actually called my kid a douchebag before.  Here’s why.  Probably not the best example, huh?

That’s when I use the ever famous…

“Do as I say and not as I do.”

So, parents, what do you think?  Am I overreacting?  Are these words that I shouldn’t really despise and not really care so much that my kids are hearing or, possibly, saying?

I’d love to hear what the “bad words that aren’t really bad words” are in your houses.  Weigh in!

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