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33 Life Lessons

Birthdays have a way of making us reflect on our lives – our highs and our lows, our triumphs and our failures.  I don’t know why, but this particular birthday has my reminiscent brain in overdrive.  And so, I’ve decided to share with you 33 of the life lessons I’ve learned in my long short 33 years.

1. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  I learned this when my granddaddy passed away a couple years ago.  I was devastated.  He was supposed to live forever.   

2. Good credit is important.  Really, people – Trust me.  I learned this the hard way, after poor decisions when I was a teenager and after a bad divorce.

3. Say “I love you” every time you think it.  Everyone needs to hear it.

4. Kids really do grow up way too fast.  My hubby has to remind me that our youngest is almost ten already and that I’m not 20 anymore.

5. Kiss your kids while they still let you.  Trust me – there will come a day – far too soon – when they won’t want to be anywhere remotely near you.  It’s heartbreaking, really.

6. Your life doesn’t revolve around your children.  I’ve learned – and am still learning – that we actually have lives beyond our children.  We can’t hide behind them forever.

7. Be careful what you say.  Words can’t be taken back.  Neither can the pain they cause.

8. Keep your word.  Doing what you say you’ll do is important.  It shows our integrity.

9. Our real character is who we are when no one is looking.  If you have to look around to see who may be watching, you probably shouldn’t do it.

10. God is real.  I’d rather live as if there is a God and find out there isn’t than live as if there isn’t and find out later that there is.

11. Stand up for what you believe.  Don’t be afraid to stand up for your beliefs.  Just be respectful in doing so.

12. Love.  Even if you don’t see eye-to-eye with someone, love him anyway.  “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love.” ~1 Corinthians 13:13

13. Speak with your actions.  The old phrase, “Actions speak louder than words” is true.  I’ve learned the hard way that it doesn’t matter what we say if our actions don’t match it.

14. Girls will always need their moms.  There’s still no one who can make me feel better when I’m sick than my mom.  There’s nothing like having my head in her lap while she plays with my hair.

15. Your spouse should be your best friend.  Remember how your friendship was way back when you fell in love.  Don’t let anyone else have that role.

16. Love yourself.  There will never be any human who can love you enough to make you love yourself.  You’re worth it.

17. Junk food is good every once in a while.  Don’t starve yourself.  A few brownies won’t kill you.  And they may keep you from killing someone else…

18. Don’t be so hard on yourself.  I guarantee that no one else has noticed that extra pound you gained.  Or that zit on your chin.

19. Beauty on the inside is what matters.  It doesn’t matter if you’re gorgeous on the outside if your heart doesn’t match.  God don’t like ugly.  And neither does the average person.

20. Patience really is a virtue.  It’s also what keeps our blood pressure down.  I’m still working on this one, but I’m getting better.

21. It’s hard work to look good.  All of the shoes that make our legs look the best are the ones that make our feet feel like they’re going to fall off.

22. Dance like no one’s watching.  There’s no stress reliever as good as belting out your favorite song and letting loose in your car when you’re stuck in traffic!

23. Hold hands.  Your significant other will know you love him/her without your ever having to say a word.

24. Mail cards.  There’s nothing like receiving a good old-fashioned handwritten greeting card in the mailbox.

25.  Learn the Electric Slide.  Every party or event you will ever attend will play that song at least once.  And you certainly don’t want to be the only one watching from the sidelines.

26. Memorize a few corny jokes.  Everyone loves a good “bad” joke every now and then!  ~How did the hamburger introduce his girlfriend? – – – Meet Patty!~  [Ba-dum ching!]

27. Stay in touch with your friends.  Good and real friends are hard to come by.  Even in spite of our busy and hectic lives, it’s so important to send a text or card every now and then.

28. Say “please” and “thank you.”  Common courtesies are becoming more and more rare.  Don’t be a jerk.

29. Read books.  Nothing opens the gateways to our imaginations like a good book.

30. Keep a list of the movies you’ve watched.  It really sucks when you’re halfway through a movie before you realize you’ve already seen it.

31. We are all equal.  God loves us all so much more than we can wrap our minds around.  If He does, then who are we to treat someone as inferior?

32. Hug.  Nothing says, “Everything is going to be okay” quite like a good hug does.

33. Laugh.  It really is the best medicine.

*Bonus: Forgive.  Do it for yourself, if for no other reason.  It’s liberating.  I know from experience.

Are there any life lessons you’ve learned as you’ve gotten older?  Any advice for others?

Even When They’re Dumb…

The birthday card I got last week from the kids reminded me why parenting is worth every second of stress, poverty, and headaches…

First of all, I received these coupons:

Right after I looked through all of them, Ronald made me laugh.  He said, “Are you going to use them, Mom?”

“You’re damned absolutely right I’m going to use them! Every single one of them!”

As if a spotless house and a day without kids isn’t good enough, I also got this note inside my card:

The handmade drawings all over the card were adorable, but it’s the message inside that really tugged at my heartstrings.

Here’s what it says:

Mom, (#1 Mom)

Thank you for supporting all of us through our hard times.  We cannot explain how much it means to us.  If you weren’t with us, guiding us to success we would be nowhere by now.  Even when we make you really mad and act really dumb and disrespectful, you stay by our sides through the good and bad times.  Happy 32nd birthday mom!  We love you!


Gerald, Ronald, Jeremy, Emma

How freaking amazing is that?!

#1 Mom?  Wow!  As many times as I’m told that I’m the meanest mom ever, I never thought I’d be reminded that my kids actually DO like me sometimes!

Hard times?  My gut reaction when I read this was almost to laugh.  But then I remembered that we often forget that life can be stressful for our kids, too.  Sometimes they even have more going on than we do.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out.

Guiding them to success?  Yes!  Just when I thought I was a failure at parenting and that they weren’t listening to a thing I’ve taught them over the last 13 years, I finally see (even if only for one day each year) that they’re getting it!

Even when we make you really mad?  Okay, so this part did make me laugh… At least they didn’t call me out too badly and say, “When you scream at us like the house is on fire…”

And act really dumb and disrespectful?  This one made me laugh, too.  At least they realize on their own that sometimes they’re dumb – I don’t want to have to call them douchebags every time!!

Happy 32nd birthday?  Damn.  Did they have to write the number?  That part I could have done without!

In all seriousness, though, it’s the little things like this that mean the most to us as parents and the things that we’ll remember long after we patch up that hole in the wall from the football or fix that broken window from the baseball.

I love my kids more than anything, and I hope I can make that as clear to them every day as they did to me in my birthday card.

“When you can stop, you don’t want to, and when you want to stop, you can’t…” ~Luke Davies

Okay, so I’d say my addiction has taken over.  And no, it’s not a Candy Crush addiction!

Source: daily haha

Source: daily haha

It’s an addiction to……….


As you know, my post yesterday was a lot little controversial.  I meant it all in good fun.  I didn’t post it with the intention of seriously offending anyone… at least no more than I usually do.

So I’m not quite sure why I felt obligated to stare at my stats all day to make sure my number of followers didn’t start dropping all because of one potentially offensive post.  But – I did.  Obsessively.  Constantly.

By the time I was finally ready for bed, I was relieved to see that I didn’t lose any of my awesome blogger friends over one post.


Only a few hours later, I was back on WordPress staring at the number of my loyal followers.  And that’s when it happened.

My number dropped by one.

Holy crap!  No!!!

And then another one.

Please stooooop!

And then two more.

What was happening?!  I didn’t mean to offend you, people!  It wasn’t that serious!

Finally, it dropped four more.  I lost eight followers!  I’m never going to be ineligible for the Liebster Award now…

All because of one quasi-funny post???  This sucks!  It didn’t even have all my political views on there because I didn’t want to really piss people off.

I couldn’t bear to watch my followers drop any more.  I got teary-eyed and was about to have a breakdown when all of a sudden I awoke in a cold sweat, still panicky.

Oh, thank God!  I was dreaming!

Wait… at least I think I was dreaming.  I immediately got on WordPress and went straight to my stats page.  WHEW!  No missing followers!

Sure.  Laugh it up.  You think it’s funny.  But it’s not!  I was seriously panicking over the thought of some of you guys dumping me already.  It’s only been four months, and all relationships have rocky moments here and there, right??

Don’t give up on me yet!  If I say something that offends you, just say something mean and awful back!  I can handle it.  And if I can’t, I’ll just blog about it!

The main problem I see here is that none of you can help me with my addiction.  You’re all damn addicts, too!  Bunch of enablers…

Okay, now on a brighter note…

Today’s my birthday, and they seriously get more depressing as I realize that more and more of my kids’ teachers are now younger than I am.

But Arden cheered me up this morning with the perfect card!

Does she know me well or what?!

Does she know me well or what?!

And the envelope was even better!

And Eugene cheered me up with the perfect drink!

It’s gonna’ be a great day, right?!  I mean, I might even get a senior citizen’s discount at the grocery store now… [sigh]

Source: someecards

Source: someecards


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