About Eugene

Eugene, affectionately referred to as “Father Figure” throughout my blog, is my best friend and hubby.  He loves all the same things that I love… football, baseball, fishing, shooting, etc.  I love almost everything about him.  Almost.  The only thing I don’t love is the fact that he’s a traitor.  That’s right… A traitor.  He graduated from the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!), but he’s really a Florida Gay-dor fan at heart.  Obviously, I’ve got more training to do.  We’ve been through three long, tough years of marriage, but we’re finally figuring it out and, hopefully, we’re going to succeed at it.

3 responses to “About Eugene

  • ebbenton

    Thank you for the fine compliments. As anyone can see, I clearly outkicked my coverage.

  • Dadicus Grinch

    I love your honesty. Marriage is hard work–and it takes a lot of it. I’m coming up on 12 years and it still needs your constant attention. Good luck!

    • aliciabenton

      Thank you – Sadly, I think so many people just assume that it’s going to stay perfect forever. And boy, are they wrong. It takes so much work on both sides. It’s rewarding when the hard works pays off. You’re a role model for me… 12 years?! That’s great. And it’s great to see that you know that it still needs attention and work. I think a lot of couples forget that and get complacent. lazy, and comfortable.

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