Please Excuse Me While I Climb Up On My Soapbox

What the hell is wrong with our society?

An innocent jogger murdered in cold blood by a few bored teenagers?

(Let’s see how bored they are as they’re being butt-f*cked in prison…)

A World War II veteran beaten to death by two teenage thugs?

A 20 year old shooting an AK-47 at a Georgia elementary school?

Please, someone, tell me what the heck is wrong with today’s youth!!! Oh wait, I think I have a good idea….

We can no longer give our kids a good, old-fashioned ass-whoopin’ as was acceptable back-in-the-day.  And before you freak out – NO – I don’t mean a beating.  I mean a spanking.  Yes, there is a big difference, in case you weren’t already aware of that.

I remember once when I was about 16, I was a complete snotty little B and told my mom that I hated her.  Loooord, child – She backhanded me across the mouth one good time, and I swear to you – I never uttered those words to her again.  Ever.  And no, I didn’t think she was the worst parent ever for it.  I learned to respect her because of it.

We have got to keep control of our children, or they’ll turn out to be exactly like the idiots mentioned in the stories above.  We wonder what’s wrong with our country.  Well there you have it.

We have kids who get in trouble in school for being disrespectful morons, yet their parents are the first ones in the principal’s office raising hell because their bad-ass kid got in trouble for a perfectly legitimate reason.

Source: Mamamia

Source: Mamamia

Even the father of one of the hoodlum thugs who shot the jogger refuses to believe his son could have done something so horrendous, even though the kid showed absolutely no emotion in Court, nor did he claim to be not guilty.  Um, hello?!  Your kid is a murderer!  And he deserves to be punished!

It used to bug the crap out of me that first person to come to my ex’s rescue every time he was arrested for domestic abuse of not only me, but several previous girlfriends and my kids, was one of his family members.  He deserved to be arrested.  How is it ever okay to bail him out of jail immediately and then blame the victim for “making him angry” and “pushing his buttons”?

And yet we wonder why our society is so screwed up?

Source: Business Pundit

Source: Business Pundit

People, please don’t misunderstand me – I am NOT saying to go and beat the crap out of your kids.  There is a big difference between abuse and spanking/corporal punishment.  Do NOT beat your kids.  Do NOT abuse your kids.  But yes, today’s kids need to be spanked just as much as we did when we were growing up.  Look at us – we’re okay.  We’re all pretty decent people.  We’re not murderers or rapists or kidnappers or sex offenders.  We’re just bloggers.

On a side note – Please join me in praying for the families of these victims.  It’s a sad, sad world in which we live.

21 responses to “Please Excuse Me While I Climb Up On My Soapbox

  • Jolene

    I remember getting spanked with the belt quite often as a child and I deserved every spanking……well except for the one that I got when I refused to look for my sisters purse. I never saw my father run down those steps so fast before…..and in his tighty whities and to make things worse…my best friend was there!!

    You’re right though….what is wrong with these kids?? I see parents just letting their kids run crazy through stores, mouthing off to them and telling them to “shut the F up”…..and the parents just stand there looking defeated!!

  • frustratedreader

    I totally agree. I was disciplined. We got spanked but somehow my family is awesome at punishments. Like don’t say thank you or please at 4 you get put in the garbage, you have a smart aleck remark at 16 you get put in the kitchen sink and the water gets turned on. I definitely think that kids need to be punished more these days.

  • fakingpictureperfect

    Well, I don’t know if this is the root of our problem. I have spanked my kids a handful of times, and felt AWFUL about it. The looks on their faces are ones of ultimate betrayal.
    We were slapped growing up for talking back, had a wooden paddle hanging on the wall as a constant threat, and the belt. Oh, the belt. It wasn’t used that often, but it was used. So, I guess I don’t have respect for any of that because all it made me do was resent the hell out of my parents, not respect them.
    So, I try hard not to use force on my kids, but I definitely don’t let them get away with murder (no pun intended) They KNOW from my tone, from my intensity, from their punishment when they have screwed up, and I feel like that is even more effective. I would be curious how many horrible crimes like this are actually from parents who are non-present parents, and not really involved all that much except when their kids are screwing up. I suspect that many of societies misfits are kids that are just seeking attention from parents who are not involved in their kids’ lives. Just my two cents.
    I think that the key to a better society is loving our children in a way that they KNOW that their parents are there for them, but that they still have to face societal consequences (like getting an F if they don’t do their work and not begging the teacher for more time, for example). Just a thought.

  • lisajohnsonsawyer

    My mother was the disciplinarian in our home. I can remember this one time I got beat with the belt from the end of the driveway all the way into the house, down the hallway, into my bedroom, back out down the hallway and in the den and plopped on the sofa where sitting was not exactly what I would say was the likeliest place I wanted to end up doing at the moment. AND THEN when I thought the it was over the hour long eye piercing “want some more?” TALK carried on….
    I believed Jesus was coming that night…

    I need some Benadryl girls. I think I’m getting the hives just thinking about it….

  • carmelasnelbaker

    Where did you get that picture of my dad 🙂 I must say I don’t really have any really vivid memories of being spanked, although I am sure I was, but my dad certainly left me know when he was upset with me. I just got the biggest chuckle from that 1960/2010 image. Thanks for the post!
    With respect, hope, joy and love, Carmela

  • mscandacemarie

    I agree. I was spanked growing up. But I never got it if I didn’t deserve it (which I did. A lot). A lot of the kids nowadays don’t even know what the word “NO” means. At all. Drives me nuts!!
    Before I had my son, I met a girl for lunch at a really nice diner (business meeting environment..super classy). Had I known she would bring her almost 3 year old, I would’ve picked somewhere more suitable for him. He was taking decorations off the wall and throwing them…in the fireplace!!!! The whole lunch was a complete disaster…and she did nothing but laugh. I left almost in tears of embarrassment and with her ticked off at me for yelling at her son. We don’t hang anymore… Oh my!!!

    • aliciabenton

      You’re right – “No” doesn’t even seem to be an option for parents anymore. Scary.

      “Oh my” is right! I can’t even imagine that – and her LAUGHING?! What in the world?! That is so not okay!

  • bensbitterblog

    Let’s see how they bored they are when they are in prison….classic.

  • Emma Newman

    I’m not sure I entirely agree. I was spanked a few times when I was a child but by the time my youngest brother was 6 or so it wasn’t a done thing anymore. The thing with spanking was that it didn’t actually teach me anything, being spanked never taught me right from wrong, all it taught me was fear, and you can’t teach anything effectively through fear. I do agree that parents need to discipline their kids a hell of a lot more these days and focus in on teaching right from wrong, but I just don’t think physical punishments are the way to go about it.

    • aliciabenton

      Thank you so much for your comment and thoughts on the issue. I don’t spank mine anymore, and they’re 11 and 13. But I feel like when I did (not often) when they were little, that it put a certain respect in them so that now I don’t have to. And I think that if a parent doesn’t resort to that as the first means of discipline, then there will not necessarily be a fear established. I was spanked (again, not often), but I can’t recall ever being fearful of either of my parents. I agree, though, that fear does not effectively teach anything.

  • draliman

    I was smacked (hand on bottom-style, always richly deserved) on a regular basis and I’ve never murdered anyone.
    Nowadays parents and teachers are virtually powerless to properly discipline children. So much as raise a hand and the kid’s in foster care, the adult’s in court.

  • Tails from Paris

    Thanks for following “Tails from Paris”. We’re now following your blog too.

    If you want to sharpen your international sense of humor, we do also have a French version called “Sous nos Couettes” :

    Thanks for sharing if you enjoy it too …

    Best from Paris, France 😉

    Alix, Roxane & their bald, bold & funny (at least he pretends to …) Dad

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