Operation Lose the ‘Fro

As I’ve mentioned before, Ronald (my 11-year-old) is fiercely independent and doesn’t care a bit about what others think of him.

As such, he has been growing his hair for over a year-and-a-half, in what I consider an attempt to have a record-breaking afro – and is pretty darn close, if you ask me…

Exhibit A:

Pretty big, right?  [That’s what she said!]

At any given time, you may find food in there.  Or sticks.  Or maybe even a pencil.

It’s really that big.

Okay, so he took this to heart... Source: caimay

Okay, so he took this to heart…
Source: caimay

Anyway, as the new school year approaches and football season begins, I (being the mean mom that I am) told him that he must get his hair cut before school starts.  I refuse to buy a new football helmet just so it fits over his ‘fro, when his helmet from last year fits perfectly fine over his non-‘fro head.

After a ton bit of reluctance, he agreed, as long as I took him to a specific place to get it cut.  So I did, and none of the ladies in there could believe how long his hair was!  They couldn’t believe he wanted it cut.  Probably because he didn’t.  Like a champ, though, he hopped up in the chair and let her begin to cut!

I have to admit, I was nervous for the poor kid!  All these months of loving his huge hair, and he finally agreed to butcher it!  After a few minutes passed, I walked around the corner to take a peek at the progress, and this is what I saw:

How amazing is that?!  He could pretty much pass for Kid of Kid & Play.

SEE??? Source: Egypt Said So.com

Source: Egypt Said So.com

I laughed, the ladies were laughing, and even my little man was laughing!  I must say that I was impressed with the lady’s ability to lighten the mood a little, knowing full well that she was partly responsible for ruining the child’s life!  I asked him if we could keep it that way, and he laughed some more.

A little while later, when the lady had finished up, Ronald came around the corner, and I saw my handsome little man’s face again!  He looked years older, reminding me that one day soon I won’t be able to threaten him until he gets his hair cut anymore.  We all loved his hair and oohed and aahed over what a gentleman he looked like.  He ate it up and loved all the attention.

On the way home, as he looked at himself over and over again in the mirror, he actually said, “Wow, Mom. I really like it. I think I might keep it this way from now on.”  I was one happy mama!

Operation Lose the Fro: SUCCESS!!! 

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