Mephobia: Fear of Becoming so Awesome That the Human Race Can’t Handle It and Everybody Dies

Jolene spoils me.  It’s plain and simple.  She is just too good to me.

This time, she awarded me with the Quintet of Radiance: Five Ennobling Awards!  I’m not worthy of the honor, but of course, I won’t turn such a thing down!

Here is the idea behind the award: To serve as a constant reminder for our thoughts to remain Versatile, to brighten up the dark pathways of the mind with Sunshine, respect our Inner Peace, bring about changes by being positively Influential, and make this pale blue planet an Awesome  place to abide in.

There are no other rules to this awesome award, so I’ll just “pay it forward” by nominating five very special bloggers:

Luminous Blue – Once you read her story, you will be hooked.  What an amazing tribute to her beautiful daughter.

Fish of Gold – She is a fighter and a winner.  She’s been through things most people can’t even imagine.  And she’s come out of those things stronger and more beautiful.


talktodiana – She has a heart of gold and spends her time trying to change the world.


rarasaur – She is completely selfless and amazingly thoughtful.  I’m proud to show off my token of friendship from her!

RePrEsSeD ExPrEsSiOnS – She, too, is a fighter and has beat breast cancer!  She’s also a pediatric dialysis nurse (which is right up there with teaching heroes) and an unashamed Christian.

Clearly, I’m not fit to receive this award because I’m nowhere near as amazing as these ladies.  But I accept this award from the amazing Jolene with a ginormous amount of thanks!

If you’re not already following these ladies (and Valley Girl Gone Country), then DO IT NOW!  It’ll make you awesome, too, just knowing them!

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