“My blog is a collection of answers people don’t want to hear to questions they didn’t ask.” ~Sebastyne Young

Source: lovebuildsthishappyhome.blogspot.com

Source: lovebuildsthishappyhome.blogspot.com

Saturday’s Be Happy Challenge:

– Your Top Three Favorite Blogs to Read and Why. –

I hate this one.  It’s so hard to pick only three blogs that I love.  I have about four times more than that that I absolutely look forward to reading every day.

But, I’ll suck it up and follow the prompt.  Three of my favorite blogs are:

1. Mollytopia

I love her for a number of reasons.  First of all, she once said that she’d rather eat a deep-fried turd than say anything about herself that doesn’t just naturally come up in conversation.  A deep-fried turd!!!  Amazing!

Second, she’s from the same place I am – The Redneck Riviera Myrtle Beach.  I think we probably lived there at the same time – back when I was partying like it was 1999.  She moved from there to Columbia.  And you all know what’s in Columbia… THE GAMECOCKS!!!

She’s an awesome mom, and her conversations with her daughter, Anna, are unquestionably hilarious!

Reading her blog makes my drink come out of my nose on occasion.  If you want a burny nose, too, then definitely check it out!!!

2. TheLifeandTimesofaMom

Every time I read Danielle’s blog, I forget that she’s still just a baby.  She’s got a tremendous amount of wisdom, and while I’ve never met her, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet to call her an old soul.  She’s beautifully transparent, and she’s not ashamed of who she is.

She, like me, is a proud mommy of two boys.  That in and of itself makes her deserving of a medal!  And a vacation!

3. Dad, It’s Ok! 

Other than the fact that he’s a Georgia fan, he’s an incredible, humble person and blogger!  He’s newly married and expecting a little princess in just a few weeks [gulp!].  I love that through his writing, I can feel the love he has for his little family.

I can’t wait until Lauren (the wifey) has the baby so that I can read all about his new adventures into daddyhood!

Man, there are so many more people whose blogs I love, and they at least deserve a shout-out!  More (but not all) of my faves are:

This Typing Makes Me Look Busy….

don of all trades

“Normal” is the New Boring

Cowboys and Crossbones


Fish of Gold

Fusteratedreader’s Blog

Ben’s Bitter Blog

julie chicklitasaurus


The Girl Who Blogs


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