“It’s easier to dismiss ghosts in the daylight.” ~Patricia Briggs

I think that by now we’ve all noticed the rise in TV shows about ghosts and spirits:  Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures, Haunted Collector, and my personal favorite, Paranormal Witness.  Also, we’re drawn to movies like Paranormal Activity and The Exorcist.

True story:

Source: Funny as Duck

Source: Funny as Duck

For some reason, as dumb as I sometimes think these shows and movies are, I still can’t turn them off.  Except at night when I’m home by myself.  Then I change the channel as fast as I can!!  I think the reason I’m so drawn to them is because of something that happened when I was about ten or eleven.

My sister and I used to have our own bedrooms, but they were right next door to each other.  We used to knock on the wall between our rooms and talk to each other at night, until Mom and Dad would fuss at us and tell us to go to sleep.

Anyway, one night I was lying in bed, and I heard something outside my room.  I assumed it was my mom going to the kitchen, but she never actually passed by.  I looked at my door and into the hallway, and I kid you not… there was a man standing in my doorway!  While I couldn’t see his face, I could see his entire silhouette leaning against my doorframe.

This is kind of how it looked:

Source: Deposit Photos

Source: Deposit Photos

I gasped, buried my head in my pillow, and panicked!  I thought for sure that if I looked again, “he” would be gone, proving that my imagination was definitely just on overdrive.  So, I poked my head up, looked again, and HE WAS STILL THERE!!!

“Okay, maybe it’s Dad,” albeit that would be pretty creepy, and my dad’s not really a creeper.  I focused my eyes more, and just stared.  He remained in his spot in my doorway and didn’t move.

“One…two…three!”  I jumped from my bed faster than I’ve ever moved in my life, and ran right through him to my sister’s room.  I jumped into bed with her, frantically trying to wake her up so I could tell her what had just happened.  Of course, I didn’t sleep a wink that night, but he didn’t return, so maybe I scared him, too!

My sister, surprisingly, didn’t think I was crazy.  She said that she had seen him and other strange things around the house, too.

Even now as adults, she and I occasionally recount the creepy things we saw when we lived in that house.  It still makes the hairs on our arms and necks stand up!

I haven’t seen any weird ghosts or spirits as an adult, so of course I’ve become skeptical, often forgetting about my own firsthand experience.  But then, every once in a while, my sister and I will start talking about it, and we remember that night so long ago that I swear I saw a ghost.  Thankfully it didn’t try to possess me or kill me or anything, but that doesn’t make it any less real [or scary]!

Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever seen one?  Share your stories!

Source: Funny Junk

Source: Funny Junk


36 responses to ““It’s easier to dismiss ghosts in the daylight.” ~Patricia Briggs

  • xdanigirl

    When I was young I saw a guy with a monocle, a top hat, a cane and wearing tails walk through my room. I’m not even joking. Weirdest thing EVER!!! We lived at this house until I was about 13. Until we moved out of the house I could swear that I heard someone saying my name. Once we moved out of that house, though, it stopped.

    My mom saw her granddad (who had died years before that) and her cousin one night after her cousin was killed in a car wreck. They appeared to her in the living room of a duplex my parents were living in. Her granddad told her that Adam was okay now. The next morning she called my aunt and told her what Adam was going to be buried in. My aunt hadn’t decided what she was going to bury him in when my mom told her.

    • aliciabenton

      Wow! Gives me goosebumps!!

      I wonder who the guy with the monocle was… how strange!

      I think I would freak out if I heard someone saying my name!

      The story about your mom is incredible! I bet it gave her some peace to know that he was okay.

      • xdanigirl

        There was a rumor that the house used to be a railway station and that across the street in a huge field there were railroad tracks. So it could have been someone who rode the train, but the rumor was never verified and I don’t even know how to start looking to verify it.

        And yeah she said that it helped her accept it. A lady had a seizure and ran a red light. She t-boned my mom’s cousin on the driver’s side. He was in the passenger seat and leaned over to protect his friend and died on impact. So it was rough for her because they were really close. But seeing him helped (:

      • aliciabenton

        That would be a cool job to have … researching stories like that!

        Wow – so his death was completely unexpected and senseless. Those seem harder to come to terms with. I’m glad she got to see him!

    • donofalltrades

      OMG, you were haunted by Mr. Peanut!??!! LOL!

    • donofalltrades

      “When I was young I saw a guy with a monocle, a top hat, a cane and wearing tails walk through my room”

      That sounds like Mr. Peanut! I don’t know if this link will work.


  • bensbitterblog

    Yes, I have not ever seen a ghost, but I don’t doubt that people see ghosts or spirits or whatever you may call them. I used to watch the Ghost Whisperer but mostly for Jennifer Love Hewitt. I didn’t really pay attention to the story.

  • ardenrr

    That’s cray!! The sorority house I lived in was haunted by not one, BUT TWO ghosts. I only heard one throughout the year I lived there as he lived on the floor above mine (where no one lived, I must add) but my friend woke me up one night screaming bloody murder that someone was standing in front of our closet. It was gone by the time I calmed down enough to look but she still swears to this day that she saw a woman there.

    I didn’t live in that house the next year…..

  • donofalltrades

    I don’t care what anybody says, we had a ghost in our old South City house. I think a woman died in the house at some point. She wasn’t murdered or anything, just died. My old dog refused to go into the basement, no matter how hard I tried to pull her down there. She never once disobeyed me, but for not going into that basement. Anyway, after Ace was born, the cabinets would be open or closed when we swore they weren’t and the dog (a different dog than mentioned already) would just sit and suddenly look up and wag her tail like something was playing with her. It was freaky enough that my wife called me at work once freaking the fuck out! The temperature in Ace’s room was always perfect too. If it was too hot in the rest of the house, it was cool in her room and vice versa. Finally, I was in bed one night and saw a little girl rush past the doorway from the bathroom to Ace’s room. It was late so I went to see what was up with Ace and she was sound asleep. She clearly hadn’t just walked into her room. I went and asked the wife is she saw Ace (momma was in the living room) and she said no but thought I was walking around. Very strange. She was a friendly ghost, but she was there nonetheless!

  • Dad, It's OK!

    Me and some friends went to this local family grave site that was rumored to belong to a family of witches. There were 6 of us total. 2 guys we knew, me, a female friend, and another couple. While we were in “The witches graveyard” walking, the four of us (me, friend, and the couple) fell behind the other two guys because we thought it was a good idea to read the gravestones and take our sweet time.

    At one point, we were looking at a gravestone, and one of my friends looked up and asked where the other guys had gone. We looked behind us, and then turned around to look ahead, and realized that one of them was up ahead of us… so we started walking towards him to follow, all huddled up together, and watched as he walked further along, and down what seemed to be a hill in front of us. As we approached the hill, and our friend disappeared out of site, the two jackasses who left us popped up behind us and scared the living hell out of us. We obviously all screamed obscenities, and took off running in the direction that we came from. The guys had no idea what happened, and when they caught back up to us at the car, they asked if they had really scared us that much. We had to explain to them that they didn’t scare us, the fact that we thought we were following one of them, and all of a sudden they popped up behind us is what scared us… to this day I still fully believe we saw a ghost, and so do my friends who were with me. (But still have a hard time digesting the existence of ‘ghosts’/’spirits’/etc.)

    • aliciabenton

      I have a hard time with their existence, too, even though I’ve seen one. That’s what’s so weird about it!

      And I’m not down with the whole graveyard thing… I’m much too chicken for all that!!!

  • j226

    When I was a little girl i would say about 6, my family and I went to visit my grandmother in Wisconsin. I remember being really sad because my grandfather had passed away earlier that year and I missed him A LOT!!

    Well………..later that night as everyone was sleeping I woke up because I had this feeling that someone was right next to me. I thought maybe it was my grandma or my parents checking on me…………when I opened my eyes I saw silhouette of a big,stocky man sitting right next to me. This didn’t frighten me because I knew who it was ….it was my grandfather…..i looked up to see if my grandmother was awake but she was still sleeping soundly. A calmness came over me, kinda like a big hug and I fell right back to sleep.

    • aliciabenton

      How awesome!! It’s amazing that you weren’t scared and felt at peace! It’s so neat that he knew you missed him and wanted you to know that he hadn’t forgotten you just because he was gone! It was like your little secret 🙂 Love it.

  • fakingpictureperfect

    I believe in ghosts!! Yep. And, I blogged not too long ago about a scary experience that my sister and I had that still makes us shiver to this day! It’s somewhere on my blog…

  • Wiccan Chefs and Ghost tours, why woo makes anything more marketable | Yankee Skeptic

    […] “It’s easier to dismiss ghosts in the daylight.” ~Patricia Briggs (aliciabenton.wordpress.com) […]

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