“I’m an oddity of one, my strangeness too complicated to explain or share.” ~Libba Bray

As I’ve previously admitted, I’m a little OCD.  According to my kids, I’m a LOT OCD.  Either way, I suppose, I have some weird quirks that leave some people thinking I’m just plain crazy.  At least other people think they’re weird… I don’t.  You be the judge:

Source: someecards

Source: someecards

1. I always always check my alarm clock three times after I set it.  Why three?  No idea, but it makes me feel better to know it’s set correctly.

2. If you see me at any random time, I’ll most likely always be biting the inside of my cheek.  I don’t bite my nails, though.  Just my cheek.  Hmm.

3. After my showers, I dry off every single inch of my body.  I can’t stand for even one drop of water to be left.  I do the same thing when I dry my hands after washing them.

4. The rearview mirror in my car must be exactly centered.  I can’t stand it if I can see anything more than my rear window.

Source: ragestache

Source: ragestache

5. The shirts hanging in my closet must all face to the left.

6. My shower curtain has to be closed all the way.  All the way.

7. When I eat cereal, vegetables, or anything else that has some liquid in it, I pour every last drop of liquid off my spoon before it goes onto my plate or into my mouth.

8. I smell my food before I eat it.

Source: the bad chemicals

Source: the bad chemicals

9. I always look in my cup (and smell it) before I pour my drink in it.

10. I eat all the pepperoni off my pizza before I eat the pizza itself.  In fact, I don’t even like the pepperoni if it’s eaten in the same bite as the pizza.

11. I read magazines from back to front.

12. I always read the last page of a book first.  (But only the last page, regardless of the number of words it’s got.)

13. I count the syllables in song lines on my fingers, hoping there will be five.

14. I eat all the chocolate off of peanut M&Ms before I eat the peanut.

15. I wear my watch on my right wrist.  (Which makes me have to take it off completely in order to adjust the time.)

16. I read a text, respond to it, and then go back and read it again.

Source: TV Ropes

Source: TV Ropes

17. I hand wash my dishes even though I have a dishwasher.  I also rinse and stack them all before I even begin washing.

18. After using a public restroom (which I will only do if desperate), I push the door open with my elbows.

19. I have to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door.  And I will never ever sleep by the wall.

20. I make sure my dining room chairs are pushed in exactly the same amount.

Source: MotiFake

Source: MotiFake

21. I say, “You know what I mean?” after what feels like every sentence.  I’m sure it drives people batty.

22. I alphabetize my DVDs.

23. I check the time three times before I finally figure out that my watch didn’t lie to me the first time I checked it.

24. I vacuum in the same direction so that the carpet lines are parallel.

25. I won’t use a rubber band unless I absolutely have to.  That texture is awful.

26. I must have ice in any drink that’s not coffee.  “Refrigerator cold” is not cold enough.

27. My shower routine NEVER changes: wash hair, wash face, wash body, rinse face, rinse hair, condition hair, rinse body, shave, rinse conditioner.  Then dry, dry, dry.

28. I smell my hair.  Constantly.  Ask Arden… She’s caught me before.  [blush]

Source: Dump a Day

Source: Dump a Day

29. I eat Kit Kats and Hershey bars and any other candy with “perforated” lines one block at a time.

30. I can’t use any type of pencil except a mechanical one.  That feeling of when the point scratches over the paper makes me CRAZY.

Source: someecards

Source: someecards

What about you?  Do you have any of these completely normal quirks?  I’m not crazy, right?

Source: FunnyAsDuck.net

Source: FunnyAsDuck.net

52 responses to ““I’m an oddity of one, my strangeness too complicated to explain or share.” ~Libba Bray

  • Amber Perea

    I do some of those quirky things but you for real, for real OCD. I was reading and thinking, “This isn’t so bad….there’s more? More? 27?! This chick has OCD!” LOL! But it seems you’re managing so what the heck, right?

    (Totally unrelated but I noticed your tags. If you tag over 15 {including categories} it doesn’t show up in ANY reader [spam protection] and I know you want more followers so I just thought I’d tell you. When you over tag only your own readers can see it, no one new.) 🙂

    • aliciabenton

      I’m managing. At least I think I am. 😉

      Thank you so much for the tag advice… I had no idea. This blogging thing baffles my mind sometimes!!!

      • Amber Perea

        Lol I had a couple in a row that didn’t get many likes a while back (and my averages were much higher) and I was stagnant on followers and then I checked the readers and no posts for a week (even in my more obscure tags) so I looked it up. Live and learn. Thought I’d save someone the grief! 🙂 You’ll probably see an upswing now, I did.

      • aliciabenton

        I can use all the help I can get. Especially now that my self-worth is determined solely by my WordPress stats!

      • Amber Perea

        I feel ya, girl. I see people say they don’t care about stats and likes and, to me, that’s like someone that says they do heroin but aren’t addicted.

        I’m like…”Give it time…” Lol 🙂

  • donofalltrades

    I would tell you that you’re pretty fucked up, but I have a lot of these too. When I have sex with my wife, I have to thrust five times, stand up (if i’m not already) spin around clockwise four times, slap the dog in the ass, then repenetrate with 12 more thrusts and then offer the wife a high five (she ALWAYS leaves me hanging) and then I go to the bathroom, and come back, turn on the radio and finish my thrusting. That’s pretty standard.

  • queenlorene

    Some of these just made me howl! You are a “hoot”–although why an owl’s sound is likened to laughter I don’t know….anyway, I follow an OCD blog called WarInMyBrain that you might want to check out. While she has 3000 followers, which I sometimes shy away from, Megan is a warm, amazing, quirky person who will DEFINITELY be sympathetic– and has the worst OCD behaviors I have ever read. Yours may slow you down a bit, but they are mainly just quirky. Of course, if you are very bothered, there are medications and cognitive therapy, but I suspect you are happy just as you are! And frankly, they are great jump off points for post ideas!

    • aliciabenton

      Thank you thank you!! Now following WarInMyBrain! It’s nice to know I’m not alone 😉 I think my quirks bug the kids more than they do me! Mwahahaha!

      • queenlorene

        Im not allowed to be OCD in my house. Probably why I get so nuts the second I walk in the door. Trails of shit from one end to the other. I can fill up a dishwasher with empty dishes. It’s gross. All I am allowed to do it color coordinate my clothes, which I do fiercely, and fantasize about living with an OCD family. Funny–mechanical pencils give me the “willies”. I just read Don’s and he’d better just thank the Lord he doesn’t have to sell himself for money cause that kind of behavior in bed will get his ass kicked. 🙂

      • aliciabenton

        Ha ha! Don’t you hate it when the “trails of shit” always seem to be right there waiting for you?! They’re the ones that no one else seems to even be able to see!

        Um, yeah. Don’s wife deserves a medal 🙂

      • queenlorene

        Or a penis that has a longer battery life.

  • bensbitterblog

    1. Yep.
    3. Yep.
    10. Weirdo.
    11. Weirdo.
    12. Weirdo.
    17. Weirdo.
    27. Yep.
    28. If I could pull my hair down near my face, then I definitely would still not do this.
    29. Yep.

    I also feel like the number in my comments need to be exactly even. Also, thanks for this knowledge so I know how to mess you up whenever I feel like it.

  • xdanigirl

    My dad smells his food before he eats the first bite. You won’t catch him doing it (trust me I’ve tried) but it’s a habit he got from the military.

    I am the same way with my peanut M&M’s. I can’t have ice in a drink. I hate it. It gets all watered down. But, the only thing I can drink at room temp is coke. I CANNOT drink water unless it’s ice cold. I’m the same way about chocolate too. I have to eat a brick at a time. Also with the bars that say “Hershey” I used to eat a letter at a time.
    I have to have numbered things (like the volume in the car or when I’m counting something) in even numbers or 5s. It can’t be in 1s, 3s, 7s, or 9s.
    And, I LOVE Libba Bray!! She’s a great writer!

  • ardenrr

    As we just discussed, I do about half of these …. I thought you were crazy for a second regarding the syllables in song lyrics until I remembered I actually do the same exact thing in the car but just never thought about it … Also learning that my eating habits match Don’s this week is making me think I’m far less crazy than I am …..

    Or more likely, all three of us are just completely bat shit crazy!

  • Dad, It's OK!

    Hah, I share a few of those. Specifically, #14, which I thought I was the only person in the world that did that.

    Food wise, I have a lot of weird quirks. Hate food touching, unless it’s mashed potatoes and corn. I typically eat one food item at a time out of a meal. I.E. Fries, Then Burger, Then Frosty. I can’t go back and forth!

    When it comes to food, the list goes on and on.

  • fakingpictureperfect

    I used to work with a girl that smelled…well, everything. So, you are not alone. But, you do have a long list there, my friend. I have a few, but you win, for sure! 😉 Don’t worry, I become extremely anxious, with OCD tendencies whenever one of my kids is sick. So, I have issues too.

    • aliciabenton

      Haha – I stop short of smelling **everything**!!

      Ugh – when one of your kids is sick, not only do you become anxious with OCD tendencies, but you also become SUPER MOM!!

  • frustratedreader

    I gave you the Liebster Award, which I see that you’ve gotten before. But go check it out anyway. http://fusteratedreader.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/liebster-award/

  • keladelaide

    Hey Alicia,
    You followed my blog keladelaide recently but my content is not there. If you’d like to stop by Free Little Words that’s where you’ll find crazy, love posts.

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